Shoulder Treatment Part Two

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Hi everyone! This week we continue to dive into the treatment portion of our shoulder series. In part one, we used the foam roller to target the large musculature below the shoulder. When tight and immobile those muscles (aka the lats, the pecs, the serratus…) can act like weights that pull down on your shoulder joint. Not only does this force the arm to work harder to get overhead, it also keeps the shoulder joint unstable and out of position. In that treatment post we also worked on the neck muscles that attach to the top of our shoulder blade (aka the levator and upper trap).

This week we’ll be moving closer to the shoulder to start restoring balance between the front and back of the shoulder. To that you’ll need a massage ball or tennis ball!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Muscle mobilizations: 3 reps nice and easy of the pecs (3 arm positions) and 3 reps nice and easy of the back of the shoulder (two rotations and across the chest)
  • Stretches: 30 seconds x 2 of each (bicep and tricep)
  • Total time = 8 minutes

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